jiji's secret garden

this site is a hugeee wip. i am just starting to learn html and my brain is smooth. i am not a coder, i just enjoy the idea of having my own little corner of the internet. a home base if you will.

currently my layout is from sadgrl's layout builder with the colors and images changed around to sort of almost match my aesthetic. to be honest, getting it to the state it's in now was probably sheer luck. this is what it'll probably be for a bit, but once i actually learn more html i might remake it from the ground up, who knows!!

in the future i plan to use this site just to talk about things that make me happy, kind of like my own little online treasure chest. but until that actually happens, i'll be using it to play around with html in my free time and procrastinate doing things that are actually important. if you feel like saying hi, i figured out how to set up a guestbook!! its pretty much the only thing here right now lol.

remember to be kind to yourself today!

-love, jiji ♡